Letter to Employees & Clients

nLogic recognizes our employees as our greatest assets, thus every employee is offered the opportunity to share in ownership of the company. Our employees are directed to focus on client goals and empowered to make decisions and solve problems efficiently and economically. We believe pride of ownership results in a firm commitment to excellence. We are committed to the opportunity for employee ownership to grow based on outstanding performance.

nLogic and our employees remain focused on our mission to provide excellent support to our clients with a key attention to reasonable cost. As evidence of success in this mission, we continue to be awarded increasingly larger contracts as we are continuously expanding the range of services to our clients.

We consider the opportunity to support our clients as irreplaceable. Therefore, nLogic will help our clients exceed their goals in the most cost effective and time efficient manner within given technology, schedule, and financial constraints. We will develop and maintain long-standing customer and subcontractor relationships to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We will strive to provide superior services that exceed requirements and expectations with a strong commitment to reasonable cost.


Tim Thornton
President and CEO

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