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nLogic provides innovative products to government and industry customers.

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) allows verification of system designs before implementation and efficiently supports systems engineering needs.

InfoLog© Cyber Security Software Suite

Addresses Information Assurance and Computer Network Defense capability gaps, conducts vulnerability assessments, and enables compliance with security policies.

Frontline Vulnerability Manager

Robust interface that helps to identify the most critical computing system and network vulnerabilities to focus remediation efforts.

GenITC Toolkit

Fully-configurable interface emulator, component simulator, traffic interceptor, and message driver.

Surrogate Modeling

Enables the use of real‐time probabilistic analysis techniques to represent underlying physics-based tools by efficiently mapping the design space.

Visual Analytics

Facilitates the combination of analytical techniques with data visualization.

RadGen Toolkit

Scene generation toolkit for radiation hardening of interceptors and space sensors.

ComGen Toolkit

Radiation hardening toolkit for communication systems.

Transmission Modeling Program

Physics-based Laser transmission modeling.

Reflected Energy Modeling Program

Geometric placement and reflected energy modeling.

Rapid Iteration Missile Design Tool

Design and iterate missile configurations rapidly based upon performance requirements.

Recoverable Missile Flight Testing

Non-destructive and affordable method for flight testing of missiles.

Enterprise Solution

Manages resources of organization for optimal operational readiness including operations, materiel, personnel and budget.

Total Operations Solution

Smart, integrated IT solution that covers the entire force, end-to-end, from operational capability to materiel readiness, personnel readiness and training.

Defense Capability Management Solution

Provides end‐to‐end management of operations including workflow‐management, process management, real‐time analytics, dynamic forecasting, risk assessment, and compliance tracking.

Fleet Management Solution

Covers the information management requirements of a military organization that needs to manage its fleet of vehicles towards optimal operational readiness.

GIS 3D Modeling & Simulation for Space Applications

Utilizing the latest innovative GIS-based web technologies for modeling & simulation missile threat scenarios & visualization.

3D Real-time Game-based Web Deployable Applications

Utilizing the latest innovative game-based web technologies for training new equipment to complex hardware systems.

3D Visualization/Animation

Affordable visualization products and services ranging from ground, sea, air or space with high-fidelity vehicles, buildings and other associated complex objects.

Website Design

Responsive Website Development Services that incorporate the latest innovations in web technologies for desktop and mobile applications.

3D visualization animation

3D Visualization/ Animation

Affordable visualization products and services ranging from ground, sea, air or space with high-fidelity vehicles, buildings and other associated complex objects.

3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Affordable 3D modeling products and services for high-end HD quality presentations, videos or optimized for 3D modeling & simulations game-based web applications.

3D interactive training

3D Interactive Training

Affordable real-time 3D game-based scenario training products for government and commercial industry, ranging from assembly to operation of complex systems.

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