Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from Employees

Yes. All contributions to nLogic nAbles are tax deductible. For those employees who sign up for payroll deductions, the donations will show up on pay stubs and on your W-2 form under a “Charity” heading.

The contribution form is located on this nLogic nAbles website and may be downloaded, or you may contact Ashley Davenport, nLogic Human Resources,, to obtain a contribution form. The completed form should be submitted to Patti Johnston, nLogic Accounting Administrator,

A visit to the Northern Alabama Better Business Bureau website will provide a list of eligible 501(c)(3) charitable organizations within our local communities.

Any nLogic employee may nominate charities by contacting them directly and providing them a copy of our Grant Application Form and Information and Guidance (available for download on this nLogic nAbles website). Carefully read the eligibility information to see if the charity qualifies for our grant programs. If you are not sure, visit the website of Northern Alabama Better Business Bureau:


Again, visit the Northern Alabama BBB website at or give them a call.

A volunteer employee Review Committee checks each applicant’s compliance with nLogic nAbles requirements, carefully reviews the application for completeness, and performs a site visit to the applying charity to ensure that is a reputable, business-like operation. The candidates’ information is then posted on this website for nLogic employees to review. Each nLogic employee who is a contributor to nLogic nAbles then casts one secret vote for their preferred candidate. A simple majority of votes designates the winning candidate and they are presented the grant at an awards ceremony.

nLogic nAbles financial information is normally included in our All Hands Presentation and our nLogic nAbles Bulletins. These items will be posted on our website and thus are available to our employees and to the general public. Information regarding individual employee contributions is considered private to each employee and is available only to the nLogic Accounting Administrator.

FAQs from Candidates

Yes. Our Grant Application Form and Information and Guidance to applying organizations are available for download on this nLogic nAbles website. The completed, signed, hard copy application should then be sealed in an envelope and mailed or hand carried to nLogic Corporate Headquarters, 4901 Corporate Drive, Suite H, Huntsville, Alabama, 35805.

nLogic nAbles will periodically announce a window for application submission on this website. The frequency depends on nLogic employee donations providing adequate resources to meet our current grant amount. The application window is also programmed to accommodate time required for application reviews, employee voting, and preparations for an award ceremony.

Yes. Incomplete packages will be rejected and returned to the submitting organization by our Review Committee. The nLogic nAbles Review Committee will notify charities having incomplete packages of the omissions in their packages. Charitable organizations with complete packages and determined to be eligible for grant consideration will be notified of their eligibility

Your full application package is kept under strict control and not made available to any persons other than nLogic nAbles Board Members and Review Committee Members. All packages submitted are kept in a secure file as permanent records for audit purposes. You will note that there is one section of your application that you do approve for release, and that information is used on our website for informing our voting employees about your charity.

We notify charities with incomplete application packages, those who do not qualify for our grant programs, and those who determined eligible for grant considerations. Information from approved charities will be posted on our website and used for employee voting information. A candidate approved for competition, but not chosen as the winner of a grant will be carried forward to as a viable applicant for the next two awards.

Read “About Us” on this website. It should provide adequate information

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